ACC have recently made some changes to the way they treat ACC CoverPlus Extra, and this could have a significant impact on your policy.

Changes to Policy Start Dates

The start date for each new CoverPlus Extra policy will now be the date ACC receives the signed Policy Acceptance Form.

The Policy Acceptance Form is sent out for signing following the CoverPlus Extra Application being processed.

As the application can take several weeks to be processed and the postal service can cause further delays, we recommend that clients submit their CoverPlus Extra Application and Policy Acceptance Form by emailing

Overdue Payments

If CoverPlus Extra invoices aren’t paid in full or a payment plan isn’t set up before the due date, ACC will cancel the policy with no further notification provided i.e. no overdue notice.

This doesn’t mean you won’t have any cover, rather that you will revert to the standard cover which may not provide the same level of certainty at claim time. You will need to apply for CoverPlus Extra again if that is your preferred option.

Changes have also been made for the 2019 year minimum and maximum cover under CoverPlus Extra

CoverPlus Extra minimum cover

The new CPX minimum cover for the 2019 year is $26,208.00. All customers who were on the minimum for 2018 year (or covered for less than the 2019 minimum) will automatically change to this new minimum.

CoverPlus Extra maximum cover

The new CPX maximum cover for the 2019 year is $101,029.00. Customers on the 2018 maximum will not change to the new maximum automatically – they need to be requested by the customer/authorised party.

If you have any questions about ACC please contact us.