If there’s one thing we see every day which makes our work with small business owners so satisfying – it’s the power and knowledge using a great Cloud-based Accounting Software can provide you!

Cloud-based Accounting Software has replaced the tedious task of manually writing out your Cashbook or trying to remember how to make those pesky formula’s in excel.

So, here’s how your accounting software can empower you:

  1. Reducing the amount of time, you spend collating your Information. With cloud-based software, your bank transactions automatically feed into your Accounting Software.  This is what they mean by “Real-time data”.
  2. Because your transactions automatically appear in your software file, all you need to do is code and allocate. But wait, there’s more…you can set bank rules so it memorises the majority of your transactions also.
  3. You can see with one view; your bank balance, money owed to you and money you owe to others.
  4. It can send Invoice reminders or statements to overdue accounts with a click of a button.
  5. It can connect with apps to help reduce having several different software’s for one client. For example, a Workflow Management App.
  6. Most Cashbooks allow you to invoice on the job through apps on your phone or tablets.
  7. Online storage for your Invoices – no more piles of folders filling your office cabinets!
  8. The ability to take a photo of those pesky small receipts and upload them to a transaction.
  9. Secure backups of your data – yes that’s right – the backup disc’s can go too!!
  10. Most importantly – you can access your Software anywhere anytime! All you need is some Wi-Fi and you’re good to go!

In addition to the above, your Accountant will love you having Cloud-based Accounting Software too, gone are the days of sending your files back and forth while one party works on the file.   You can both login at the same time and talk through any queries you might be having – what a great way to build a relationship.

Other benefits include;

  • Up to date information for finance purposes are always ready and available for third parties.
  • Cashflow and budgeting options to help you plan for your business future
  • Tax estimates are based on actual figures and not historical – this means your advisor can be significantly more accurate when estimating your tax.

In a small business owner’s world, the most precious resource they can have is time and knowledge – why waste time on anything but the best!

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Check these great options out and let us know if you think one of them might suit you.